Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Blanket Fort a Month: January

It was remembered for a week, put off, and then almost completely forgotten, but just in time for the last few days of the month, it was conveniently remembered again. Without further ado, I present to you, January's blanket fort!

Since December, it got too cold to keep my bed half in the closet, so we took it out and put it in the middle of the room instead. Such changes seemed to make it harder to build another blanket fort over the bed. After three failed attempts and one shattered light bulb that I'm still unsure if I found all of the shards of, we were finally able to build a successful blanket fort worth our work.

We've been planning our summer-slash-warm-weather-season inside. Even with the blanket of snow blowing around in the bitter wind outside, it feels like June in the fort. On January 28th, we can start reserving campsites for this year online, and we're desperately excited about that. We didn't go camping once in 2013--that means Silkworm's never been camping with me ever! We must make up for that this season. We're currently writing a Happy Camper's To-Do List, and the more things we think of, the less patience I've got left. Then again, I'm not sure I started with much in the first place.

We also had a bit of a Square Off tournament, in which the goal is to slide the pieces to make a path from point A to point B (a random set of coordinates). I can't think of the iPod apps I've played that are like this, but there's at least two or three. The thing that makes Square Off more intense, though, is the competition. Most of the time, I just accidentally end up arranging a path, but perhaps my subconscious is doing the job for me without letting me in on its secrets. Nonetheless, it must be a healthy brain exerciser.

Tonight, we plan to draw. We're just in that kind of mood. I'd really like, someday, to make a coloring book of my and Silkworm's adventures, and that just may be the project we start working on tonight.

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