Thursday, December 26, 2013

This Christmas

Merry Christmas! Surprisingly, Silkworm's magic didn't interfere once with our celebrations. I suppose we didn't need it anyhow. Our Christmas was already magical. Santa Claus came for Quibble and Hadley (the only time those rats refused to eat paper and I had to help them unwrap their gifts), we gave the dogs their giant caterpillar toys, the cats got homemade mouse ear toys filled with catnip, we took a walk at a park in the freezing cold in the late afternoon, and finally there was a breathtaking sunset on the way home to top it all off. I even got to play Stratego with my brother which is really weird because he never plays with me, but hey, like I said, our Christmas was magical.

1 comment:

  1. I'm experiencing some difficulty in trying to express just how incredible your photographs are: Spectacular? Amazing? Breathtaking? I cannot seem to find a word that's potent enough. You capture these moments so beautifully; you turn these memories--these little bits and pieces of time--into works of art. Absolutely stunning.

    Merry Christmas, Carly, Silkworm, Hadley, Quibble, and all the rest! And a very happy New Year! :)


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