Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Poke-Out Christmas Advent Calendar

13 toilet paper tubes or 5 paper towel tubes (to make 25 tubes)
2-3 sheets of cardstock paper
Paper to write on
Something to write with
A piece of cardboard
Tissue paper

Step One: Cut all of your toilet paper tubes in half. If you're using paper towel tubes, cut them in fifths.

Step Two: Cut out circles from your cardstock a bit bigger than the openings of your tubes.

Step Three: Glue each cardstock circle to a tube. Let them dry while you complete the next step.

Step Four: Cut out strips of paper. Write Christmassy things to do on them. See the list below!

Step Five: Toss each strip of paper into a tube.

Step Six: Cut pieces of tissue paper and glue them to the open ends of your tubes. Let them dry and then cut off the excess.

Step Seven: Glue each tube, cardstock side down, to your piece of cardboard. They can be arranged in an organized or random fashion.

Ho-ho-ho, Santa's on his way, and every day during the countdown, you get to poke out a tube and complete your self-given mission inside! I know it's a little late for an advent calendar, but Silkworm and I planned to make this and we weren't going to let it slide. We're using it for a 12-day countdown, poking out two tubes a day starting on the 13th, so we'll be doing two Christmassy fun things a day. I can't wait to start poking!

Ideas for things to do:
- Decorate the tree.
- Hang lights in your bedroom.
- Make a handmade stocking.
- Make goodies for the birds and squirrels.
- Hang popcorn garland on the trees.
- Build a blanket fort and watch Christmas movies.
- Have an ornament-making day.
- Have a garland-making day.
- Make a Christmas playlist and listen all day long.
- Have a video game tournament (alone or with someone else).
- Take pictures of unfocused lights, AKA "bokeh" (even better, if you've got a DSLR and a wide aperture lens, try shaped bokeh).
- Make a log cabin "gingerbread house".
- Watch the live ReindeerCam and catch Santa feeding his reindeer.
- Fill a room with hanging paper snowflakes.
- Wake up early to bake cookies for breakfast.
- Send unexpected snail mail.
- Have a gift-wrapping day.
- Make cinnamon ornaments.
- Learn how to knit.
- Have a send-everybody-their-cards-and-gifts day.
- Have a Santa's Workshop day and make handmade gifts for people.
- Eat Christmas-themed meals and snacks for a whole day.
- Dress up your pet and have a photo shoot.
- Make your own potato-stamped wrapping paper.
- Dedicate a day to doing dozens of random acts of kindness.
- Start brainstorming the New Year's resolutions.
- Make a backyard ice-skating rink (if it gets cold enough).


  1. This is a great idea list, and your advent calendar is adorable! I want to see pictures of you popping them!

    1. Thank you! I was thinking about doing a 12 Days of Christmas series in which Silkworm and I would do our two Christmassy activities a day, so you might just get your wish!


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