Thursday, December 19, 2013

December 17th's Full Moon

I've yet to get a chance to disclose the bizarre affect full moons have on Silkworm--that is, until today. I suppose, given he's enchanted, the full moon toys with his magic and throws it out of whack somehow. Ever since I met him, every full moon has left me with a ludicrous tale to tell him the following morning--because he never remembers them.

And there was nothing different about the full moon two nights ago. As always, Silkworm started drifting into a loopy state of mind once the sun had fully disappeared. During his deteriorating mental consciousness, he typically doesn't act like himself and will respond to me with nonsensical phrases, seeming preoccupied with his thoughts. On the night of the 17th, he told me he wanted me to buy him an upside-down unicorn and a snow cone and proceeded to roll around on the floor telling me he would do so until such gifts were presented to him.

Once he's been loopy for a while, then comes the event of the night. It's always something haphazard and hard to control, like that one time he almost flooded my bedroom, or the time he insisted on running away. This time, it was an origami dragon army. The moon drove him to compulsively make dozens of origami dragons, thus enchanting them with his involuntary powers, and soon enough his seemingly harmless collection became the method he claimed he would use to take over the world. Mind you, these dragons actually breathed tiny streams of fire, so one by one as he made them, I had to take a pair of scissors and cut them each in half, slaying the paper creatures instantly and disenchanting them. My technique didn't seem to slow Silkworm down at all, and I ended up staying up, as usual, trying to keep his chaos under control until he passed out at about 2:00 AM. Sometimes it's earlier, sometimes it's later. I was grateful it was earlier, this time.

The next morning, when he awoke, he sat in my lap eager to hear last night's witnessed legend. These full moon stories have become somewhat of a tradition for us, and it's no wonder Silkworm loves hearing them. Could you imagine waking up to hear you starred in a wild fairytale and you didn't remember an ounce of it?

Considering the possible dangers that could come with these full moon phenomena, we've both contemplated locking him up somewhere during full moons to prevent certain situations, but Silkworm is the world's most unpredictable stuffed toy as well as the most potentially perilous. We'd rather not find out what happens when he's trapped in a confined space during his most riotous time of the lunar cycle.

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  1. Never a dull moment with Silkworm indeed! Incredible. Silkworm's powers are certainly very curious--and potentially quite dangerous--but, boy, do they seem like tons of fun! (I mean, spending a night slaying paper dragons--what can be cooler than that?) I hope Silkworm doesn't do anything TOO out of hand during full moons, though; I can only imagine what us poor humans would do if Silkworm and his paper dragons tried taking over the world!


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