Monday, December 9, 2013

An Ode to Hadley and Quibble

Kisses, kisses everywhere--
That's what rats are for,
But that aside, I wouldn't say
My boys are rats for sure,

'Cause Hadley makes this churring noise
That no rat's ever made,
And Quibble's eaten glass before
And didn't need first aid!

Otherwise, they're plain buffoons,
Pronking to and fro,
Stopping here and there to fight
And on again they go!

They kamikaze off my bed
And land across the room!
They love it when I sweep the floor;
They chase after the broom.

They let me flip them upside down
And snuggle in their tummies.
They're so polite at dinnertime,
I hand-feed them their yummies!

They love to fish for peas and corn
And chatter in my ears
They hide inside my sleeves sometimes
When facing their worst fears

They jump up on my legs and then
They climb up to my shoulders
'Cause high is where they like to be
To be the world's beholders

I couldn't ask for better rats;
They're too darn cute, I'm swooning!
I am blessed and full of pride
To call myself their human.


  1. the poem + the pictures = adorableness overload!

  2. I love your poem! Do your rats stay in a cage most of the time or just run around like Bug does?

    1. Thank you! If they could, I'd totally let them free range, but sadly, we have cats and dogs and a ferret who would all gulp them down without hesitation. But I make it a point to play with them at least a few hours a day!


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