Monday, December 16, 2013

A Blanket Fort a Month: December

I'm so silly. I proclaim my love for blanket forts on a regular basis and yet I can't even recall the last time I made one! As such a proud advocate, I should be making at least one blanket fort a month! So, I think I will.

Silkworm and I are starting a tradition between the two of us to build a blanket fort a month. It doesn't matter on what day or in what room or anything of the sort; all that matters is that at least one gets built every month. What's more, this post shall mark the beginning of the tradition's series on Zauberbear. Every month, we're going to share pictures of our blanket forts in all their glory. We'll even show what goes on on the inside, like card game tournaments and hot-chocolate-movie-marathons. The forts will probably leak into some other posts, as well, especially those we build in the bedroom and keep up for a while. I'm quite excited to watch the collection of memories pile up!

In this blanket fort, the first of many, a pixie bag was crocheted with some very pretty yarn from Knit Picks! Well, it was meant to be a pixie bag, but it ended up looking so much like a turnip, so now we more appropriately call it the Turnip Pouch. Sometime soon, we will add a proper drawstring and it will be the bag I will carry Silkworm around in.

(You'd think, as we assumed ourselves, since Silkworm's involuntary powers enchant everything he makes, our blanket forts would be included in the clause--but surprisingly, 'tis not the case. We haven't figured out why, but it's almost like his magic can't touch them. Perhaps they're inherently ordinarily magical, and maybe that's just the type of thing Silkworm's magic lets alone.)

If you'd like to join in the tradition with us, please do, and send us photos of your blanket forts! When we make our blanket forts and share them, we'll share your pictures as well!

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  1. Blanket forts! What a wonderful tradition. I can't wait to see all of the forts you and Silkworm create, and I wish new, fond memories shall abound in them!


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