Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Doro Worms

When we were walking around the yard earlier today back by the tiny strip of woods, Silkworm pointed out some kind of glittery-gold floss trailing through the grass. Of course we were intrigued, so we followed it--each and every loop and curve--and then all of a sudden, Silkworm stumbled and tripped into the nest of the doro worms.

Disturbing their nest caused somewhat of a fiasco. Dozens and dozens burrowed up from the ground and emerged like cranky old people squawking and squealing at us and gathering around Silkworm, now covered in golden thread, in an angry mob. They seemed particularly upset about our camera that we had with us, so I slung that over my shoulder behind me, trying to be polite.

The fattest worm wore a tiny crown and had dusty white caterpillar eyebrows which no other worm had. He stood before all the others, boldly bobbing up and down. We assumed that one was their leader and tried our best to communicate with him.

It took a bit of awkward translating--we drew pictures in the dirt with sticks and the one with the crown drew pictures by squirming around and leaving trails--but we were able to apologize and clarify the incident as an innocent mistake. The king introduced his species and explained that his colony thought we were intruders looking to plunder their home for their legendary golden thread, as it has happened many times before. Supposedly, it's not valuable for its color (it's not real gold), but for its fabled good luck. The worms simply use their thread for keeping warm and often produce too much to put to use, but ever since the myth spawned and spread, their species has been in constant danger. He told us our backyard is their thirteenth home in the last 200 sunsets, and they were only just getting settled in. Naturally, we felt terrible for scaring them and partially destroying their nest, so we helped them rebuild and then promised the worms their safety. In return, the king even offered us a spool of their famous thread, and he said we could have as much as we wanted if it meant his colony would be kept safe. They don't believe in the myth of its good luck, but the king said it was the only thing they had to give, and he wanted to thank us.

After all had been resolved, we cleaned Silkworm up and he and I went inside to plan and sketch blueprints for some kind of mini fortress. We are going to keep the doro worms very safe.


  1. As I am browsing through your blog, I stumble across FANTASTIC stories like these! Ah! I truly hope I'll meet doro worms someday ☼


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