Friday, November 8, 2013

Paper Snowflake Lights

It's getting to be the kind of chilly just-below-freezing weather that isn't worth it if it's not snowing, so Silkworm and I made it snow in my bedroom.

I think the snowflakes make such a sweet holiday feel for string lights. Silkworm and I keep our string lights up all year round (we use them in lieu of a night light), so it was nice to be able to decorate them to make them look even more special.

Paper (any kind)
Traditional string lights
Single-hole puncher
Snowflake-shaped hole puncher

Step One: Hole punch a bunch of snowflakes (enough for each bulb on your string lights).

Step Two: Use your single-hole puncher to punch holes in the centers of your snowflakes.

Step Three: Cut through to the hole in the center of each snowflake so you can open it to wrap it around the bulbs.

Step Four: Hang your string lights before adorning them with the snowflakes so you don't rip or damage them.

Step Five: Wrap each snowflake around each bulb on your string lights at the base. If your lights are not LED, make sure the snowflakes aren't touching the lights to prevent them from burning or starting a fire!

Now start singing Jingle Bells or something because you just cannot contain your holiday spirit at the sight of these cute wintery lights!

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