Saturday, November 9, 2013

Felt Shooting Star

I found this tutorial from Twig and Toadstool last winter (again, before I had Silkworm) and fell head-over-heels in love with it. The post says it's for "the wee folk in your life", but while that very well may be, this is totally my kind of craft. I just found the star I made in my closet yesterday, and a blog post felt necessary in order to share the magic!

I could toss this thing around for hours! It's so calming to watch the ribbons flutter around, and then to feel it land in your hands, the spokes fitting perfectly in between your fingers, as if you were made to catch shooting stars. I'm telling you, this is better than those sparkly calming jars all over Pinterest. I made ours a little differently than Twig and Toadstool made theirs, so I wrote my own tutorial to share!

Any color felt
Any color ribbon(s) less than 1/4 inch wide
Sewing machine (or sewing needle and thread)
Pencil (or something to trace with that won't bleed)
Short piece of any-color string (embroidery thread will work)

Step One: Trace two stars on your felt (or just one and fold the felt in half). Cutting 1/6 inch away from the traced lines, cut them both out.

Step Two: Match the stars up together with the traced lines showing on the outsides. Sew them together like this on the traced lines, leaving an opening at one of the corners between two of the five spokes (see the sketch above).

Step Three: Turn the star inside-out through the opening. It may be tight, but it will work! Stick the eraser side of a pencil in there to poke the points out of their hiding spots.

Step Four: Stuff your star. Try to keep it flat if you want it to still look like a star, and make sure to get enough stuffing into the points! You can use the pencil again to help with this part. Be gentle so the felt doesn't stretch, and don't sew it closed yet!

Step Four: Cut 8-20 pieces of ribbon, depending on how thin your ribbon is (we used 1/4 inch ribbons and cut 8 pieces). Ours measure 2 feet and 3 1/2 inches, and they're literally the perfect size to us, but if you're going to cut yours any differently, I suggest longer!

Step Five: Take all of your pieces of ribbon (holding each at one end) and stack them on top of each other, then tie a knot around them about an inch or less from the ends with your short piece of string. This is going to hold them together while you sew them into your star.

Step Six: Thread your needle to prepare it for step eight.

Step Seven: Stick those ends of your bouquet of ribbons in the opening of your star, stuffing the knot you just tied up there, too. If your star needs any more stuffing, now's the time to add a little bit!

Step Eight: Take your needle and thread and sew the opening of your star closed, once and for all. Start sewing from the inside if you don't want your knot to show, and be sure to sew through the ribbons several times to hold them securely in place.

And voila, you're done! If there's anybody nearby willing to play with you, I strongly recommend a game of catch to test it out.

If I lost you, maybe it would be easier to follow Twig and Toadstool's tutorial. That's how I figured it out in the first place! Their family has tons more magical crafts as well, like leaf crowns and woodland fairies. If this shooting star is your kind of craft as much as it is mine, you might as well subscribe to them while you're at it!


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