Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Christmas Countdown Chain

Last year, before I had Silkworm, I made a felt countdown chain for the month of Christmas December. It has 24 links for each day leading up to Christmas Day, and an extra 25th representing the jolly day of jingle bells and reindeer hoof prints itself. Not only did we hang it back up to use this year, but we figured we might as well write a tutorial!

2 different colors of felt
Fabric scissors
Sewing thread
Sewing machine (optional)
25 buttons
Embroidery (or sewing) needle
Embroidery (or sewing) thread

Step One: Cut out 50 strips of felt with your fabric scissors--25 strips of each color.

Step Two: Match up each strip of one color felt with a strip of the opposite color. Sew each pair all the way around the edges.

Step Three: Cut one slit in one end of each of your soon-to-be links, snipping through both strips of fabric. If you have buttons of varying sizes, make sure the slits are correspondingly various!

Step Four: Use your needle and thread and your crackerjack knot-tying skills to sew your buttons on the opposite ends of your strips.

Step Five: Button up your links to finally make a chain!

Have fun taking the links down one by one every morning until there's just one left--and it's Christmas!

- Sloppiness actually works out to be quite kitschy and cute. Plus, if you sew your fabric strips together a little too crookedly, you can always snip off the excess edges.
- Originally, I intended to use a bunch of retro Christmassy fabric with the felt, but lacking that and the funds to not lack it anymore, I settled for the wacky vintage buttons we had laying around. I think it came out a lot better than my original plan--so what I'm trying to say is be creative, even if you're missing ingredients!
- I know I said the sewing machine is optional, and it is, but I mean, wow, without a sewing machine, I think I'd still be working on this next Christmas.

I wonder what would have happened if Silkworm had helped me make this--how it would have been enchanted with his powers, I mean. The things we'll never know!

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