Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Home for the Doro Worms

Twelve days have passed since we met the doro worms, and Silkworm and I have been working on making a proper home for them ever since. At first, we intended to build a structure out by the woods. All the blueprints had been drawn up and the materials were at hand. We planned to get to work early tomorrow, but after Silkworm's powers serendipitously enchanted a tiny wind chime birdhouse we decorated together this morning, making it much bigger on the inside than it was on the outside, we decided that would make a perfect sanctuary--and furthermore, we could even keep it hanging in the bedroom.

When we brought it out to the woods this afternoon to invite the doro worms in, they were initially puzzled (because of the size, of course), but once we persuaded them to wiggle inside, they could not have been more ecstatic. After yesterday's rather unpleasant storm, they were deeply grateful to have shelter. We were showered with thanks and compliments, and the king even gave us another spool of gold thread to show his appreciation. We'll have to find a use for it soon!

Finally, they settled in, and Silkworm and I took them back inside and hung the house up in the corner of the bedroom. They haven't stopped poking their heads out (and jingling the chimes every time) to thank us over and over, as if they keep discovering more features inside that a hundred thanks do not already cover. One even communicated a thank you for a spinning room, which we did not know existed until we were informed.

Silkworm and I can't stop smiling. It's been quite an appropriate Thanksgiving, thus far.

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