Friday, November 28, 2014

Christmas Tree Substitutes

1. A live plant
Who officially named poor pine trees Christmas trees, and who decided they should be cut down and killed to serve as such? Buy a potted baby tree and call it your Christmas tree this year. Save the trees, buy a potted plant!

2. A cardboard tree
Start with two pieces of cardboard. Cut them each to look like a tree, with branches upon branches, leaving a "trunk" of untouched cardboard in the center of each. Then cut a slit through the trunk of one and fit the other tree in the slit, making a standing tree.

3. A tulle tree
Arrange pieces of tulle together in the shape of a tree. Adorn with lightweight ornaments and garlands.

4. A pine cone (or a bazillion)
A potted pine cone makes for a little desk-sized tree. Or, you can make a bigger tree by gluing pine cones to a Styrofoam cone.

5. A tree-shaped wall arrangement
Make a Christmas tree outline with lights strung up on the wall. Hang lengths of string across the "tree" to hang ornaments from, and use tacky (or clothespins on the string) to hang things like photos or greeting cards.

6. A ladder
Set up a cute-lookin' ladder--perhaps a thrift store treasure find--and wrap string and lights all the way around it. Ornaments and things can be hung from the strings, and you can also wrap garland around the legs.

7. Pieces of spare wood
Take one long piece of wood for the "trunk" and nail perpendicular pieces to it, gradually increasing in length from top to bottom to look like tree branches. Add small nails or screw-in hooks in random places sticking out to hang ornaments and garlands on.

8. A driftwood tree
Nail together alternating pieces of driftwood starting with long pieces on the bottom and gradually decreasing to short pieces at the top.

9. A pile of books
Stack all the books on your shelves, making each layer more condensed than the last one to shape the sculpture into a tree. This one is pretty cool, too.

10. Suspended ornaments
Hang ornaments from the ceiling, lining them up to look and act like a floating Christmas tree!

What'cha got goin' on in your home this year?

Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Blanket Fort a Month: November '14

Crocheted Silkworm's Christmas sweater, scrolled through Tumblr covered in goosebumps, sketched some photo shoot ideas, and wrote to Erin.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

An Ode to the Stars

"When you're feeling too big
Or too much, or too full,
The stars will come out
And they'll together they'll pull
Every piece of your heart
Back together, you'll see
You'll feel rather small,
But that's how you should be."

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Would You Rather: Samantha at Samantha Heather Photograhy

This is Samantha Heather. She is a twenty-something dreamer and explorer based in Sydney, Australia, and her blog is a collection of thoughts, dreams, and passions from the perspective of her lens and her ever-evolving imagination. She photographs beautiful moments and adventures like the time she had the most peaceful row boating voyage or the time she took a trip to see the magicalness hiding just outside her city. This is what we asked her:

Q: Would you rather live without hands or without feet?

A: This is such a tricky and delicate question. You see, a strong part of me would rather live without my hands. Some of my favourite feelings in the world are that of being barefoot in my surroundings, feeling the sand shift between my toes, the gravel of the street on my soles, or the grass engulfing my feet as I lay in the park. Those memories are beautiful to me. They are memories I love to recreate. It is such an amazing feeling and losing my feet would mean that this amazement, this sensation would be lost

If I were to lose my hands however, I would also lose some amazing moments of touch. I would lose the ability to hold my child as he/she entered the world, or to tousle my partners hair, or to run my hands through a bed of flowers as I walked by - all of which are things I love doing.

So in this in mind, which do I choose to live without? To lose the ability to walk or to hold is not so uncommon anymore and as technology has advanced so has the opportunity to provide life back into the lives of those who have lost their feet or hands. Wheelchairs, prosthetics and physical therapy have allowed many to gain basic movement ability again. I think for me therefore, I would choose to live without my feet. I feel mobility is easier with the advancements in wheelchairs and prosthetics and while there are opportunities to feel and grab again with arms and hand prosthetics, there is something about being able to touch the world with my own fingers and hands that I would miss all too much.

- Samantha Heather

Assembly Required Christmas Tree Care Package

My best friend is away at college right now. I didn't want her to have to wait to come home for Christmas to have a tree in her dorm.

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